In the International wake of the production of Design Hotels, we created Ixò Hotel of San Marino: a testimony of the way design enters in the public space. The Hotel is placed inside the prestigious, World Trade Centre, designed by the fa­mous architect Sir Lord Norman Foster. The project was developed with the Milan artist Franco Marabelli. Everything is thought up for amazing. Furnishing deprived of its original functionality, it tries to affect and excite. Ixò Hotel is characterized by 4 elements: wood in the essence of wengeè, the lacquered china-red, the black of slate coverings and the broad mirrored surfaces. On the base of dialog among these elements we tried to over go the traditional concept of hotels. At the entrance of each room there is light totem of that indi­cates the number and at the same time, they illuminate the cor­ridors. The corridors in the shade become animated from cuts of light that announce room’s doors. Wardrobes are works of art, their shutters become spaces in which are exposed paintings of young contemporaneous painters. Ixò Hotel enlarges its creativ­ity freedom in spaces to relax and meet. Representation places, like Bistrò Coffee, Bistrò’s furnishing is composed by different souls. The deco chairs, Chinese furni­ture and red and black litographes, create dilated and surreal but at the same time multifunctional and contemporaneous appari­tions. The bar counter is curve, and free from every formalism. The panel wall that divides it from the kitchen is composed by two faces that seem to talk together. From the space that spaces out from the 2 faces, it opens an aperture that allows the personnel to go in and out, such as in a game of sudden phantoms.

PROGRAM: hotel, restaurant, bistrò, cafè

CLIENT: ixò hotel

TYPE: commision

LOCATION: dogana [rsm – san marino]

YEAR: 2005

SIZE: 1.500 sqm [20 suites]

STATUS: completed