archiNOW was born from a group of designers who, after experience in major national and international offices, decided to found a new office reflecting their way of being and interpret the architecture. The combination of different projectual features sums the experiences and enhances their peculiarities enclosing them under the common denominator of the passion for architectural design.

The synthetic result is a solid experience in architectural design with particular attention to energy and environmental issues, industrial design and technological research. Aware of the great responsibility inherent in the design process archiNOW puts at the center of their objectives professionalism and architectural quality to be pursued in an informal working environment that fosters collaboration and sharing of the various skills. The projects seek to satisfy a detailed functional program without omit an active listening the client, taking all the design variables such as the local context, climate and socio-economic issues.

archiNOW believes that the best design opportunities arise from a sincere tension of dialogue between the parties, without anyone having to give up their role. In the projects developed until now, clients have shown increasingly culture and preparation, stimulating our office in the search for a profound architectural quality.

Our Team

Until 2023

Gregorio Soravito, Alessandro Gazzoni, Alessandro Franceschini, Andrea Donini, Giulio Marchesani, Valentina Micucci, Martina Nicoletti, Melissa Vicini, Matteo Zamagni